- Transmitting data via sound

A fascinating approach to solving the problem of data transmission without complicated pairing, NFC hiccups, or cables -

Pictures, links, contacts, and, as of 5/10, videos can all be transmitted from one smartphone to another simply through a 2-3 second sound burst, called a chirp. You don’t have to pair anything. No wires, no bluetooth configuration, no NFC setup - just give Chirp access to your mic to let it hear the chirp and, voila, simple data transmission. (Technically, the media is uploaded to an AWS server and the only thing that is transmitted is the unique link to that item, but it’s still pretty slick. For example, I created a chirp to this blog. The chirp app created a unique URL ( that redirects automatically/immediately to this blog. The blog address itself is not transmitted via sound.)

They also have a beta SDK available now, if you’re interested in creating apps that use this technology.

Give the app (and the SDK) a spin for yourself.

Finally, Chirp is now raising funding on crowdcube - if you’re interested in investing. They’ve raised £185,480 of the target £400,000, with 43 days left to go (as of 5/12).